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Friday, 18 February 2011 08:28

For automated "hands free" renewing of your Etsy listings. Similar to our SimpleList iPhone app, Uncle Gravy's Renewing Agent is a DESKTOP application. It automatically renews listings at whatever interval you want. There are two options: Automatically renew based on a set time or renew based on current Etsy traffic! Pretty sweet, cause you don't waste money renewing when no one is looking. Free 10 Day trial. If you like it, it's only $10 bucks to keep using it. Read more for info and download and installation links.

Renew Based on Time

Renew listings every so many minutes. For example your can: Renew 1 Listing every 20 Minutes or Renew 5 Listings every 60 Minutes. The number of listings and time increment is up to you.

Renew Based on Traffic
Renew your listings based on how many views the top 100 listings are currently getting in your primary category. The primary category is based on the primary category of the current listing selected and could change when the current listing changes. The traffic is gauged by polling Etsy and seeing how many views the top listings are getting. The agent will renew when your target number is reach. Example: Renew 1 Listing every 600 Views or Renew 5 Listings every 1200 Views. he number of listings and view taget is up to you.

The benefit of renewing by traffic, is that you are renewing your listing when a lot of eyeballs are in your category, and saving money when no one is viewing the category.

If you are a new user, and have never purchased Uncle Gravy, you can use the button below to download and install the fully featured trial version.

Important! Try it before you buy it!
Please do not buy the software until you have it running
on your computer and happy with how it works.

There is no need to purchase the software to install it. The trial is fully featured. You will be asked if you want to "try" it. Click try and you will be able to continue setting up the agent. Renewing often may not be for everyone, or you may have problems installing it. So be sure to try it instead of buying it right away.

Download & Install by clicking the button below...
Uncle Gravy's Renewing Agent

Having problems? Remove both Adobe Air and Uncle Gravy from your installed programs. Then install both separately.

You can install Adobe Air here: https://get.adobe.com/air/

Then "right click and save" UncleGravy from here.

And then double click to install it from your hard drive.

Do you run Uncle Gravy for more than one shop? Then you need these versions... UncleGravy II and UncleGravyIII

Click here for the MudStuffing Industries Website.

Need Help? or check out our FAQ or watch the Install Video


Filter listings. You can filter OUT listings by keyword, so that certain listings are not renewed. For example: setting the filter the "reserved" filers out all reserved items so that they are no renewed.

Traffic Graph. A small graph that shows your the current traffic for the current category and the trends. It also shows when you renewed items and how many view those items got.

Screenshot of Uncle Gravy's Renewing Agent

Screenshot of Uncle Gravy's Renewing Agent (options panel)


Uncle Gravy's Renewing Agent is free to try out for the first 10 days. It's fully featured so you can reall start to see results. After 10 days, it will cost $10 US to purchase a license to continue using it. Licensing and purchasing is done through Adobe's InMarket marketplace, so you know your transaction will safe be secure. Are you ready to purchase?

Need Help? or check out our FAQ


This application requires the Adobe Air runtime, which should install automatically along with the listing agent. When prompted, select "open".


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