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Thursday, 17 February 2011 00:05

MudStuffing Industries is pretty excited to announce that SimpleList has been accepted into Apple's App Store and is also available in the Android Market. SimpleList is an iPhone/iPad/Android app that allows Etsy sellers to easily renew their listings. It's a pretty simple app, simple features, simple to use. We've been using SimpleList to renew our Etsy listings for the past few months and into the 2010 holiday season. Renewing regularly has increased view, treasury inclusions and of course... sales.

If you are viewing this page from your mobile device, click the links below to download

Download SimpleList2 for iPhones & iPads

Download SimpleList2 for Android Phone

SimpleList iPhone App for Etsy Sellers


As long time Etsy sellers, we realize that listing and renewing is the number one way to increase sales in our shop. Of course, not everyone shares this view, but we simply see the .20 renewing fee as a marketing expense. Renewing regularly keeps our products at the top of the search lists. The problem we saw was that we can't be in front of our computers everyday, all day, renewing items, so we developed an iPhone app that allows us to renew, from anywhere we have a cell phone reception.


Simplicity was the focus on this app for us. We didn't cram it with features, we focused on the one important feature we wanted, and then we tried to make it simple to use and work well.When you first install your app, it will require you to grant access to your Etsy account, in order for it to have the ability to renew your listings. Keep in mind you are NOT granting MudStuffing Industries access to your Etsy account, you are granting the SimpleList application only, and since the app resides on your phone, only you have access to your account, via the app. If you still have security concerns, read this.

After the initial setup, anytime you open the app, it will pull your 6 oldest listings. You can slide the list left and right in order to select the listing you want to renew. Click the "renew listing" button and, Presto! You've just relisted and bumped your product to the top of the search results. If you need tosee more than the six oldest listings, there is a "More" button at the end of the listing list.


We kept the features to a minimum, but there is an "Options" tab that allows you to refresh the listing list, or sign out. We sorta feel it's impractical sign in each time to renew, so the app remembers your account information even if you get a call, or shut down your device. That way you can realist with just two clicks.... 1. Click to open the app 2. Clicking the renew button. Signing out causes the app to forget your account information. This means you will have to sign in and grant access again.



.99 one time fee to purchase the app. Of course, Etsy charges .20 per listing to renew, but that is between you and Etsy. We've added a "Qty" field below the current listing, so that you are aware if the listing has more than 1 item available (because remember, renewing actually costs .20 times the # available when your renew).

If you are viewing this page from your mobile device, click the links below to download

Download SimpleList2 for iPhones & iPads

Download SimpleList2 for Android Phones and Tablets


A short video on how it works and how to connect it to your Etsy account.



Can I create a new listing?

No. Currently renewing is the only feature of this app.



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